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Since 1986 I have been actively practicing law in the area of medical malpractice, professional negligence. My interest in law started when I was working as a Registered Nurse. I worked primarily in neonatal and obstetrical care.  As a result, I have a particular interest in women and children issues. However, my main focus has always been the examination of the quality of care provided to all individuals in our healthcare system. I started my law practice, after graduating from St. Louis University School of Law, in a large firm in St. Louis defending physicians, nurses and hospitals. My nursing background provided me with great insight in determining strengths and weaknesses of medical malpractice cases. I learned the difference between a “bad outcome” and “bad care.”

I left the side of the defense after 15 years, and have dedicated myself to helping people, patients, and families giving honest, objective opinions on whether their case is simply a bad outcome or bad care. I believe my nursing and defense background are pivotal in my ability to get to the truth of the facts and provide answers to my clients. Be assured, if after my examination of your case I recommend filing a lawsuit, and you agree, I am with you every step of the way!

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